Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Burglar by Thomas Perry
Publication Date Jan 18 2019

This was an utterly fascinating book to me.  Elle Stowell, the protagonist, is a skilled burglar and the book makes it clear that she is so good that her ability is almost a superpower.  I was captivated from the first page onward and only put the book down when it was finished.

The book starts with some glimpses of Elle being a superb burglar.  I have to admit that her job is fascinating.  The author goes into considerable detail on how to break into a wealthy person's house, search and find the goods, and then extract the well-hidden jewels or cash, and then leave just as she is about to be caught.  The narrative is excellent in creating that sense of danger that a burglar must feel; we feel it too as we read hoping she will not be caught.

When she breaks into a house where she finds three bodies, a triple murder as of yet undiscovered, the book turns mostly from a caper novel into a murder investigation.  The murderers know who she is and try to kill her several times before she get a handle on what the murders are all about.  She pursues leads as only a burglar can using illegal methods to gain information on the culprits.

The character of Elle Stowell comes from the best place of characterizations.  The book is told in first person, so the reader gets to pursue the mystery of the murders from her point of view, learning what she learns in real time.  I can't say enough about the tension in the story; I literally had to pause to relax while I was reading.  The sense of danger that you would have if you were robbing a place comes through perfectly and it drove me to read to the end in one sitting.

This is a superb book.  Thomas Perry, the author, has written around 25 books, and definitely shows he knows how to write a thriller/mystery.  Highly recommended.  5/5 stars. 

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