Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Killing Commendatore by Huruki Murakami

Killing Commendatore: A novel

I'm a big fan of Haurki Murakami; I've read just about all his books.  In particular I liked '1Q84' and 'Kaftka on the Shore.'  This book is in the same class as them.  Murakami writes magical realism, so his books always have some fantastic element to them and this one is like that also.

A portrait artist whose marriage has just broken up moves into his friend's father's hose and finds a painting by the man in the attic.  The painting is entitled 'Killing Commendatore' and as an artist it fascinates him.  Gradually he is led by a series of events to discover that some of the elements of the painting have their own life and affect him directly.  By the end of the book, we have taken a trip into the fantastic world of magic written by Murakami.

At times, like always, I had a hard time swallowing the magical realism of the book; this kind of thing always confuses me, but I can say that I read this book straight through without putting it down.  It is that gripping of a novel and I have to say one of Murakami's best.  His compelling narrative style always engages me and compels me to read on.  I can't recommend this book enough, a real winner.  Highly recommended. 5/5 stars.

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