Sunday, September 16, 2018

Buried Lies by Chris Collett

This is the next book in the DI Mariner series, entitled as 'lies,' in this case, Buried Lies.  I had no trouble reading and finishing this book, and it is a good book as crime and mystery titles go.  There are murders, more that one, and DI Mariner is right in the middle of them.  Although this is a good book, it's not one of my favorite.

DI Mariner leaves on a walking holiday in Wales, and soon ends up in the middle of a murder investigation.  There is a long and involved set-up where we learn about the people and places of Caranwy, Wales; I thought the novel was a little slow in getting to the point.  Once the murders start, the search for suspects provides for interesting reading; eventually the answer came from a direction I least suspected, and I was taken by surprise, which is always good in a mystery/thriller.

'Buried Lies' is the sixth in the DI Mariner series by Chris Collett, and these novels usually rate four-and-a-half stars on amazon.  Since this is the first one I read, I was not privy to what was going on in previous novels.  There are number of scenes in the book that address issues brought up in previous books.  I felt a little annoyed at not being given enough information to understand these scenes, but this is a small gripe.  Overall, this is a worthy novel and well worth reading.  4/5 stars.

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