Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Court of Lies by Gerry Spence

"Court of LIes" is a courtroom drama book where most of the story takes place in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming courthouse.  As a book, I found it fascinating to read about the back and forth between prosecution and defense attorneys, and the judge involved in the cases, John Murray, who is the point of view character in the book, shares his personal perspective as well.

Lillian Adams, a widow who is accused of murdering her rich husband, is on trial for her life.  The prosecutor is notoriously dishonest, willing to twist the truth to win his cases.  Lillian has defense attorney Coker, who is a fiesty lawyer who vigorously defends her.  The principle conflict in the story is between Judge Murray and the Prosecutor, who conspires to impeach the judge and have him arrested if he does not rule in the prosecution's favor.

I enjoyed the tension of this courtroom drama.  If you like the courtroom drama genre, this is a good book for you.  Highly recommended.  5/5 stars.  Read this and other reviews of upcoming books at

Publication date: February 19, 2019

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