Sunday, October 14, 2018

When the lights go out by Mary Kubica

When the Lights Go Out

This book came highly recommended with a number of good reviews and, apparently, in demand, selling well.  Imagine my surprise when I read this book and was supremely disappointed.  Not only is this book poorly plotted, the ending is extremely bad.

As the book starts, Jessie Sloan's mother is dying from cancer, and Jessie, we later find out, is an insomniac.   After Jessie's mother dies, we are lead through one mildly interesting scene after another as Jessie deals with her mother's death.  Soon Jessie finds that she has no social security number or driver's license or birth certificate for that matter and that she is in limbo as a identity.   So the mystery becomes, who is she really?  An why did her mother hide her identity.  The rest of the book is told slowly, as Jessie, because of her insomnia, becomes an increasingly unreliable narrator. 

This would be only bad if she was going through insomnia, but in the end we find out she is dreaming the night before her mother dies and 75% of the book is actually a dream.  I felt stupid for reading this and the author must take the reader as a fool.  Definitely do not read this book.  0/5 stars.

Already in publication.

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