Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Last Light by Helen Phifer

This was a enjoyable book with a protagonist that was well-drawn, complex, and interesting.  Overall I liked the book and highly recommend it for a bedtime read.

Detective Inspector Lucy Harwin has just been promoted and begins the book by arriving at a gruesome murder.  A woman of questionable character has had her throat slashed, and she has been hung up on an inverted cross.  Clues in this murder are scarce and the investigation stalls until a second murder, and a third murder occur, indicating that there is a serial killer.  Lucy leads the investigation while navigating problems with her teenage daughter, her husband, who has left her for a woman old enough to be her daughter, and her assistant Mattie, who is leaving on vacation just when the murder investigations are beginning to ramp up.

I found Lucy very interesting to read about; she has the indomitable character that is needed to push through the complexities of the cases and come out ahead on the other end.  As lead characters go in mysteries and thrillers, she is refreshingly different, and I found myself sympathetic toward her.  Recommended. 4/5 stars.  

Publication date: November 16, 2018

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