Monday, October 15, 2018

To Destroy Jerusalem by Howard Kaplan

This was a good book, a thriller full of twists and turns in the plot and filled with interesting characters.  I can't recommend it enough for those of you that like thrillers.

Shai Shaham is the head of an Israeli intelligence team that learns that a Palestinian scientist working at UCLA has purchased plutonium from a source in Brazil, and Shai fears that he intends to build a nuclear weapon.  The story follows Shai and his team from the sale in Brazil, to Los Angeles and then to London in pursuit of the plutonium and the scientist who wants to assemble a bomb in Israel.  There are many close calls, almost successes and the action doesn't end until the last pages of the book.

This was an expertly written novel with lots of setting research.  We are taken to the holy land through Lebanon and I really felt like I was in the camps with the Palestinian terrorists and in Jerusalem with the perpetrators.  There is a completely believable explanation on how the atomic bomb is built, in addition to great description of the process the Palestinians must go through to get the materials for the bomb.  I felt like I was reading David Balducci at times, so good is the tension in the book.  And Shai as a character is not your typical svelte international agent, but a dedicated Israeli with a weight problem.

This book will entertain you for hours.  Highly recommended.  5/5 stars.

Publication Date: October 23, 2018

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